1-Ready in 3 minutes!

The main advantage of the plancha grill over the barbecue is its ease of use. The plancha grill is turned on at high heat, and in just 3 minutes the cooking surface is at the right temperature, ready to cook all that you could wish for.

In comparison, the process of barbecuing is longer since you have to build a fire and maintain the embers, which takes around 30 min.

Plancha vs barbecue

2-Cook without limits and vary the pleasures.

The plancha grill’s cooking surface allows you to cook a large variety of foods including delicate or small foods such as crustaceans and fruits. With your plancha grill, you can just as easily pan sear a nice prime rib, for example, and stir fry small vegetables... In contrast, a barbecue grill is not suited to all food, thus limiting your culinary possibilities. In addition, the barbecue has a tendency to dry out food, while the plancha grill allows you to cook them in their juices.

With the plancha grill, an endless array of dishes, from the most traditional to the most sophisticated, is available for you to delight your guests!

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3-Clean in a jiffy!

Another valuable asset for the “budding chef” is the ease of maintenance of the plancha grill. Indeed, only the cooking surface is in contact with food. On a plancha grill, you have only the cooking surface to clean, using the spatula Verycook.

In contrast, on a barbecue, you must regularly maintain the grill (sometimes with difficulty), the burners and the fire pit.

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4-It's healthy, you can eat it endlessly!

Cooking on the gas-fired plancha grill does not involve direct contact with the flame, as happens with a barbecue. On a plancha grill, food is seared on the cooking surface and the grease from the cooking is evacuated into the grease drip tray.

As for the barbecue (whether coal or gas) when cooking grease falls into the flames, black smoke bearing unhealthy dioxins is created.

Cooking without contact with the flames and without adding grease allows you to cook light and healthy meals. The plancha grill offers all the benefits of healthy cooking.

5-Combine cooking and conviviality.

Now, thanks to the plancha grill, cooking with friends and family becomes a real moment of sharing and pleasure. With the plancha grill, no black smoke is created by grease touching the flames, as happens with a barbecue, and your guests can gather around you without discomfort to "nibble" at the food in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

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6-Be master of the fire!

Cooking with a plancha grill provides great temperature control: from low heat to very high heat, the plancha grill guarantees great precision in your cooking, guaranteeing a true culinary success.

Long-used by great restaurant chefs, the plancha grill is now available for outdoor cooking, and invites itself into your garden.