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Where can I find the tracking number of my order?

The tracking number of your order will be communicated to you via email and in your Verycook account as soon as your order has been shipped. You can easily find them in your customer account under: Orders - order history - click on "DETAILS" to retrieve your tracking number.

How do I download my receipt?

Your invoice is available in your My Account space.

So go to the section "Order history" and click on .

Here is the link to access it directly : https://www.verycook.com/historique-des-commandes

What are the differences between the Simplicity line and the Creative line?

The plancha grill Simplicity is available in 2 or 3 burners with a baking plate of your choice in enamelled steel or solid stainless steel.

The plancha grill Creative is available in 2 burners with a choice of laminated steel, enamelled steel or solid stainless steel cooktop.

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My Verycook account
How do I create my Verycook account?

It couldn't be any easier. Click on "My account", then click on "create an account" and then just follow the instructions!

What do I need my Verycook account for?

Your account is always accessible and you can use it for the following:


  • Follow the status of your delivery, from the preparation to the shipping.

  • Follow the transport of your order in real time.

  • Manage your invoices.

  • Check out the instruction guides for all your Verycook products.

  • Find support and advice.

  • Contact our customer service.

How can I benefit from the program "friends sign up friends"?

If you would like to benefit from our program "friends sign up friends" program and receive a voucher code, you only need to send us the contact details of your friend that is already a Verychef via e-mail to [email protected] After that, you will receive a voucher code for £25 that you can use to buy your plancha grill. Your friend will receive a gift card in the value of £25 that is vaild for our entire online shop as soon as you have received your plancha.

You can benefit from this program as often as you want and, furthermore, you can accummulate the gift cards.

Methods of payment
Which payment methods are available?

We offer you three 100% secure payment methods:

• via credit card: immediate confirmation by e-mail

• via Paypal

• via bank transfer: confirmation of the order as soon as the bank transfer has been received. After receipt of the bank transfer you will receive a confirmation by e-mail.

You can place your order directly online, by phone or using the order form.

Is my personal data secure when I pay by credit card?

Our partner, the bank "Crédit Agricole", guarantees that your personal data is 100% secure while using any kind of online payment method. Your bank details are completely encrypted and protected. We do not save your bank details. This is also why we ask you to enter them again for each new order on our website.

Is it possible to place my order via telephone?

Yes of course. You can place your order by phone on +44 2036 270 937 or directly on our website. Our customer service is at your disposal for any further questions.

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Delivery - general
Where can I find the tracking number of my order?

The tracking number of your order will be communicated to you via email and in your Verycook account as soon as your order has been shipped. You can easily find them in your customer account under: Orders - order history - click on "DETAILS" to retrieve your tracking number.

How long does the delivery of my order take?

Your order will be delivered quickly. The majority of our products are in stock at our Irigny depot near Lyon.

It takes 3 to 4 business days to receive the ordered items.

If the ordered products are not available, this will be displayed on the product page and you will be notified by email. We will then deliver your order to you as soon as possible.

Further information about our delivery options can be found on the page "Transport and Delivery"

Can my order be shipped abroad?

Yes, we deliver our products within all countries of Europe.

For the purchase of a plancha, the delivery is offered free of charge, regardless of the selected European country.

You will find the details of all transport options on the page: "Transport and delivery".

For further specific questions please contact us by e-mail: [email protected].

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Manufacturer's warranty
What is the satisfaction or money back guarantee?

Verycook offers a complete refund of your order if you are not entirely satisfied with the product.

If you are not satisfied with the product you can return the product within 30 days from the date you received your order.

In the event that you are not entirely satisfied after receiving your order or after testing it, you can contact us via telephone +44 2036 270 937 or e-mail [email protected] so that we can arrange the pick-up of the product.

However, the return costs are at your expense. The costs of the product, though, will be refunded within 48 hours after we receive the returned item.

How many years does the warranty last and what does it cover?

The entire plancha is taken into account in the warranty which lasts 5 years. You will have no additional costs to pay for the change of a spare part or the product in its entirety.

How can I contact Verycook in the event of a warranty claim?

For any questions concerning the warranty, our customer service is at your disposal either via telephone (+44 2036 270 937) or via E-Mail ([email protected]).

Plancha - ignition
How do I start my Verycook plancha?

Installation of the Verycook plancha

Take out your Verycook plancha from its packaging and get a screw-in gas hose (type G1/2-G1/4) for Butane or Propane gas).

At the rear left of the Verycook plancha is the gas connection nozzle. Screw the silver/golden end of the gas hose to the griddle and the other end of the gas hose to the regulator of the gas bottle.

Place the grill plate on your plancha-grill.

Defuse the safety of the regulator on the gas bottle and open the gas valve on the regulator.

Then press one of the two buttons of the plancha and press at the same time a few seconds on the piezo button on the right to create the spark.

The flame comes on, release the button after a few seconds. You can use your Verycook plancha!

How do I check the correct functioning of my plancha Creative electronic piezo ignition?

Checking the correct functioning of your electronic piezo ignition:

1) You should hear a "tac-tac-tac" or "tic-tic-tic" sound when you press the piezo-ignition button on your plancha. If you do not hear the "Tac-Tac-Tac" or "Tic-Tic-Tic", read the following article: How do I change the piezo ignition of my plancha grill?

2) Remove the grill plate, press the piezo ignition button on your plancha, check the presence of the spark on the end of the piezocable, near the affected burner.

Piezo électronique plancha gaz

3) Use a pair of pliers to guide the tip of the piezo cable closer to the burner.

Cable piezzo pour plancha

How do I change the housing of the piezo ignition of my Plancha Grill Creative?

We will show you how to change the electronic piezo ignition housing of your plancha gas grill. However, this need rarely occurs.

First of all, check whether the battery of the piezo case has been replaced (see article: How do I replace the piezo ignition of my plancha?) Steps to change the piezo housing of your plancha:

1) Unscrew the 4 screws on each side of your plancha Creative. Remove the front buttons from your plancha by pulling them out horizontally forwards.

Retirer habillage plancha

Retirer bouton plancha

2) First unscrew the red piezo button on the front of the plancha and then unscrew the black plastic ring.

3) Turn over the plancha heating core and then remove the two sleeves of the piezocable from the black plastic housing.

Retirer piezzo plancha

The housing can now be removed and replaced.

Boitier piezo plancha

Follow the steps in reverse order to install the new housing.

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Plancha - gas connection
How do I take the regulator of my gas cylinder into operation?

The regulator is clipped on the golden end of the gas cylinder. You will then hear a "click" when the regulator is clipped.

In order to open the gas bottle, you have to perform:2 operations:

  1. Open the gas supply tap

  2. Defuse the safety of the regulator (by pressing a button on the side usually)

You can also refer to the operating manual of your gas cylinder because each type of regulator engages differently.

Which gas hose should I use?

For your Verycook plancha, you will have to use a gas pipe, designed for Butane or Propane gas, with a G1/2-G1/4 type screw-on end.

This gas hose can be either a rubber hose (10 years service life) or a braided stainless steel hose (lifetime warranty).

Which gas can I use for the Verycook Plancha?

Your Verycook Plancha works with butane or propane gas. However, we recommend propane gas, which does not freeze in winter.

Verycook Planchas are designed for the use with both butane gas and propane gas.

Be careful, do not connect your plancha with city gas.

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Plancha - grill plate
Which products are best for cleaning my grill plate?

For the care of the grill plate we recommend the special Verycook degreaser for the plancha grill plate.

Use this cleaner on a cold grill plate. After spraying the cleaner onto the grill surface (rolled steel, enamelled steel or stainless steel), let it act for about 10 minutes.

Now it is important to rinse the grill surface well with clear water and to dry the plate with a towel, sponge or paper towel.

Warm the grill plate up for a few minutes after cleaning.

See also our other useful cleaning products!

Can I remove the grill plate?

Yes :)

All grill plates of the Verycook plancha gas grills are removable. Their weight varies between 13 kg (2 burners) and 18 kg (3 burners).

The transport of the plancha is thus easier and it is possible to clean the grill plate separately if necessary.

What is the thickness of the Verycook grill plates?

6 millimetres. It is a thickness that makes the grill surface robust and durable and increases the quality of the heat distribution. All Verycook planchas have a 6 mm thick grill plate.

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Plancha - grease drip tray
Can I remove the plancha drip tray when the plancha is embedded?

The grease drip tray of the Verycook plancha is very easy to remove. It is placed on the back of the plancha with two small brackets for an easy hooking. It can simply hooked in and removed from above.

If your plancha is embedded, removing the grease drip tray is no problem at all. For example, many of our customers have their plancha installed in an old brick barbecue or an old hearth.

The grease drip tray is dishwasher safe and can be easily cleaned under water for a quick cleaning.

Why is the grease drip tray placed on the back of the plancha?

The grease drip tray is located on the back of the Verycook planchas, as it is more comfortable to push the grease backwards than in your direction. Further, this position allows to mount a large capacity container.

The Verycook planchas are designed for an easy, fast and efficient care. The grease drip tray is easily removable from above.

How do I clean my grease drip tray?

For an uncomplicated care, the once emptied grease drip tray can be cleaned very easily under water or in the dishwasher. Preferably do not use a too strong detergent.

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Which cart with which plancha? 

Compatibility between covers and trolleys.


DIMENSIONS (L x l x H cm)



Verytable kitchen trolley


60 x 38 x 80 cm               Yes


Verytable kitchen trolley - XL


90 x 50 x 80 cm Yes


XL trolley, side trays, stainless steel


140 x 58 x 85 cm Yes


Trolley, metal & stainless steel


106,5 x 61 x 86,5 cm Yes


Trolley, metal


101,5 x 58 x 75 cm Yes


Grey metal trolley

142 x 55 x 110 cm Waterproof - 600D

Plancha-grill + cooking lid
+ Verytable XL (DES-VK90) or
XL trolley, stainless steel (DES-VK70)

Which gas bottle can be stored in the service?

Standard gas cylinders (6, 10 or 13 kilos) can be placed under the Verycook plancha fittings.  

Accessory - cooking lid
With which plancha grill is the cooking lid compatible?

The cooking lid is compatible with the plancha gas grill with 2 burners from Verycook Creative Series.

I already own a plancha gas grill from Verycook, will the cooking lid fit?

The cooking lid is compatible with all Verycook plancha gas grills with 2 burners of the Creative series.

The cooking lid can be adapted to all planchas in the Creative series, even if you bought it a few years ago.

The cooking lid is an accessory that is easy to install. The 2 screws on both sides of the plancha can be unscrewed and then two metal supports can be added to support the lid. These can then be easily screwed together.

How do I clean my cooking lid?

To clean the cooking lid, you do not have to unscrew it.

You can apply a conventional degreaser with a rag or damp sponge to clean the cooking lid.

Then you can easily rinse the cooking lid with water and your lid looks like new again!

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Accessory - pizza oven
How do I use my Verypizz' pizza oven?

1. Place your ceramic fireproof pizza stone on its holder and place it in the center of the plancha grill plate.

2. Once your pizza stone and metal carrier are positioned in the center of your Verycook plancha, cover it with your Verypizz' pizza oven.

3. Ignite your plancha and allow the ceramic stone to preheat to 230°C within about 15 minutes.

4. Place your pizza on top of the ceramic stone with a large pusher or another large flat baking utensil (sprinkle with flour on the baking utensil to be able to push down the pizza easily.

5. Bake your pizza about 10 minutes depending on your desired baking result.

6. Take your pizza out of the oven with the baking utensil and allow the ceramic stone to cool.

7. Serve, cut, enjoy!


Some additional tips:

• « Put a piece of parchment paper between the pizza and the ceramic stone if you are baking a fine dough. »

• « To prevent your dough from sticking on the stone, sprinkle the pizza stone with flour. »

• « Clean your ceramic stone with a metal spatula or an iron brush. Rub it off with a damp cloth. Attention! Do not use soap, as the stone's porosity may cause it to retain its taste. »

How do I use my pizza oven to prepare different dishes (example: rib steak)?

It is possible to use the Verypizz' pizza oven for other ways of cooking. The pizza oven has a polymeric stainless steel dome that reflects the heat inside the oven. So you can use this accessory for a high concentration of heat.

For example, for an excellent rib steak: you place your food on the hot plancha plate (about 4 minutes from each side). Then cover this with the pizza oven (without setting the ceramic stone) and reduce the heat of the burners to a minimum. This allows the rib steaks to finish cooking with a homogeneous heat and a completely tender result.

You can add some thyme and rosemary to the plancha plate for even more flavour - just delicious!

How succeed my sweet and savoury cakes?

Preheat the oven to 180°C. Then place your cake pan on the stainless steel carrier (without ceramic stone). With this trick you make sure that the bottom of the dough does not burn during the baking process.

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Accessory - barbecue
How do I install my barbecue / plancha?
  1. Remove the grillage.

  2. Place the charcoal or another recommended fuel on the bottom of the container.

  3. Switch on the burners of the plancha gas grill. The flames of your burners make your coals glow easily and quickly.

  4. Turn off your burners as soon as the first coals glow (between 1 and 3 minutes).

  5. Spread your coals with tongs inside the container.

  6. Set the grillage to the desired height. You can then no longer move the grillage while it is hot.

  7. Once the coals are glowing and covered with a thin layer of gray ash, your barbecue is ready for use.

  8. You can now place your food on the grillage.

With which plancha gas grill is the barbecue accessory compatible?

The barbecue accessory is compatible with the plancha gas grill with 2 burners from the Verycook Creative series.

How do I find the right temperature for my barbecue grill?

To determine the temperature of your barbecue grill, hold your flat hand about 12 cm above the grill and follow the instructions below:

heat temperature time until removing the hand
weak 120 to 180°C 8 to 10 seconds
medium 180 to 230°C 5 to 7 seconds
strong 230 to 290°C 2 to 4 seconds

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Accessory - wok
With which plancha grill is the wok accessory Verywok compatible?

The wok accessory is compatible with the plancha gas grill with 2 burners from the Verycook Creative Series.

How do I get a homogeneous cooking result with my wok?

It is recommended that you cut your food into normal sized pieces and the foods that last the longest for cooking a bit finer. Do not hesitate to stir the dishes in your wok more often and to place the least cooked foods at the bottom and place the most cooked foods higher up.

How do I clean my wok?

Stainless steel wok:
After each use, the wok can be cleaned in the dishwasher or with hot water and detergent.

Dry the wok with a paper towel and your wok is ready for the next cooking experience!

Wok plate:
The enamel coating of the plate is simply cleaned with a sponge and soapy water.

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Protective covers
Which protective cover for my plancha / sideboard?

Is the fabric of the covers waterproof?

Yes, the quality of the fabric is waterproof and water-repellent. The quality used is excellent (600D) with an internal protection ensuring a very good resistance all year round and over time.

Can the colour of the cover change over time? 

No, the fabrics of Verycook protective covers have been tested to the highest standards. The black colour of the fabric is not sensitive to the sun's UV rays and will not change colour over time and outdoors. This is a material specially designed for outdoor use.

Other accessories
How is the personalization of the plancha grill marked?

The Verycook plancha grill is marked on request by a special machine. This marking is resistant to outside temperatures, sunlight and humidity. A maximum of 30 characters are accepted, including space. So it's a short message.

The typography is chosen by Verycook. This is the "Courgette" typography: https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Courgette

The marking is positioned on the left side of the plancha grill. 

Can the griddle cleaner be used with all types of griddles? 

Yes, this degreaser can be used with steel, cast iron or stainless steel. It can only be used on baking trays. Do not use on painted parts of the plancha grill.

This cleaner is very effective and dissolves grease and restores its perfectly clean cooking surface.

Are stainless steel spatulas dishwasher safe?

Yes, all Verycook spatulas can be cleaned in the dishwasher. The spatulas are made of stainless steel with a handle covered with a TPR coating allowing a pleasant touch.