Verycook, plancha grill producer

Verycook: The history of the company

Verycook designes and produces French plancha grills and sells them all over Europe.

The Verycook company was founded in Lyon, the centre of French gastronomy, in the spring of 2011. The aim was to bring lovers of good food together around unashamedly modern products that are easy to use, innovative and brightly coloured.

“My starting-point was my desire to find the friendliness, simplicity and tastes of plancha cookery that I had discovered in Spain a few years earlier. I was disappointed not to find the type of plancha that would suit me, so I decided to design one of my own that would be innovative, brightly coloured and very efficient. Verycook’s strong brand image as well as its technical and style innovations quickly made the company a major player in the plancha market. Encouraged by our success in France, we are now launching our products in the rest of Europe with the hope of introducing more people to plancha cooking as a way of preparing food outdoors that is both healthy and fun. I hope many of you will become part of the Verycook adventure!"

Alexandre Carre, Founder of Verycook


The Veryteam...

Verycook is not only the producer of the stylish and innovative plancha grill. Verycook also has a lot more to offer. For instance the marketing team ensures that our website is always up-to-date and that new ideas are created and implemented. The customer service is at your disposal if you have any questions or problems. Furthermore, they help you to choose your perfect plancha. The logistics department ensures that you receive your delivery in time and at the right address. Then, there is the communication team that manages the public and press relations. Last but not least, there is the international team which advertises our products all around the world. However, above all, you are the most important part of Verycook. Thanks to your support for the last 3 years all of this has been made possible!