handling and maintenance7

With our special maintenance advices, cleaning your plancha will be quick and simple! Discover our cleaning tips which are perfectly adapted to the respective grill plate.and for all the parts composing the plancha. 


handling and maintenance
handling and maintenance

With water or ice

On the hot grill surface, pour the water or place the ice to deglaze the grill plate The temperature difference will help you to loosen the grease and residues of your food. Use a spatula to push the residues into the grease drip tray.

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With vinegar

Vinegar is a naturally non-toxic product. It is an excellent disinfectant and deodorizer and will help to loosen any residues from the grill surface. Pour a little vinegar on the griddle pan when it is still hot and loosen the residues using a spatula. Push those residues into the grease drip tray. As vinegar is a deodorizer, this method is ideal for changing between different types of cooking, for example switching from fish to meat.

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With the Verycook cleaning spray

Spray the cleaning product evenly on the grill surface. Let it operate for a few minutes, then scrub using a brush or sponge. Wipe with a clean cloth and rinse with clean water. This process will allow you to correctly grease your grill plate and to make it shine.

Tips for choosing your cooking surface

All our grill plates are produced in France with love. In order to choose your cooking surface, you should understand the differences between them. The laminated steel cooking surface is of high quality but reacts sensitively to humidity, if it is not well protected. The enamelled steel cooking surface is the most common choice because it’s easy to use and to clean thanks to its non-adhesive coating. But you should be careful to not cut your fut directly on the enamel. The stainless steel cooking surface has a 20-year warranty, is easy to clean and to use. This professional material ensures many successful "Plancha Parties".

The laminated steel cooking surface is the traditional spanish grill plate. 
The enamelled steel cooking surface is directly non-adhesive.
The stainless steel cooking surface has a superior quality and a high level of resistance over time. 


handling and maintenance 7

Tips for the laminated steel cooking surface

handling and maintenance3

Oil protects your plancha grill from oxidation. Whatever cleaning mode you use, we recommend that you apply oil using a paper towel between each use. It is better to use an oil spray than to pour the oil directly on the grill surface.

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Tips for the enamelled steel cooking surface

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We recommend that you clean your plancha with vinegar or water. We do not recommend, though, that you clean the enamelled steel cooking surface with ice cubes since they may damage the enamelling. It’s not necessary to pour oil on your grill surface to protect it.

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Tips for the stainless steel cooking surface

handling and maintenance5

To clean the stainless steel cooking surface you can use any of these cleaning methods. However, the Verycook cleaning spray will make your plancha grill as clean as possible. You do not have to oil the stainless steel grill plate due to its perfect resistance to rust.


Under the tap or in the dishwasher

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The tray is located on the back of the plancha grill and is easily removed. Remember to empty your grease drip tray after each use of the plancha before it has completely cooled down. You can clean it by washing it under the tap or by putting it in the dishwasher.
Do not use a too strong degreaser or detergent to clean the grease drip tray since it may damage the paint and decrease its rust resistance. 


With a degreaser

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The stainless steel heating core  and the coating can be cleaned with a simple kitchen degreaser or soap and water. It does not require special maintenance. The burners do not require special cleaning thanks to the high quality of the materials which have been picked.