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Verypizz', pizza oven - Accessory CREATIVE
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Verypizz', pizza oven - Accessory CREATIVE

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Colours :
  • red Veryspicy
  • black Verynight
  • stainless steel Verynox
  • purple Verypurple
  • orange Verytonic
  • turquoise Verylagoon
  • green Verylucky
  • blue Verynavy
  • yellow Veryshiny
  • pink Veryblush
  • blue Veryocean
  • red Verycoral
  • white Verycream
  • grenn Veryolive
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Made in France 5-year warranty
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picto-list-ficheproduit.pngBaking like in a traditional stone oven

picto-list-fiche-produit.pngNew ways to prepare bread, pizzas, savoury or sweet cakes

picto-list-fiche-produit.pngBake on stone, for a crispy dough

picto-list-fiche-produit.pngRound ceramic plate is delivered with the oven

Integrated thermometer to control the oven temperature

Made of Polymiroir stainless steel, which reflects the heat

2 brushed stainless steel handles, for an easy operation of the oven


The Verypizz' adapts perfectly to your plancha and allows you to bake crispy and delicious pizzas!

The principle is simple: Thanks to the heating power of the Plancha, the Verypizz' quickly reaches the ideal baking temperature for your pizzas, cakes, breads and other baked goods. Around the Verypizz' you share happy moments with your family and friends, as a professional pizza maker.


The stone oven reaches a temperature of 250°C in about 10 minutes due to the heating power of the Plancha. The Verypizz' matches perfectly to the heating surface of the Plancha and is simply placed on the grill plate. This ensures a homogeneous heat in the oven. The secret of the Verypizz' pizza oven lies in the grill hood made of Polymiroir stainless steel. This reflects the heat and thus contributes to the perfect baking of pizzas, cakes and much more.


Together with the Verypizz'-oven, you get a ceramic plate, which is placed on the grill plate of the Plancha. The ceramic plate absorbs the moisture of the pizza dough and makes it crispy and golden without burning it. A real baking on stone! The thermometer, located at the front of the oven, makes it possible to control the temperature of the Verypizz' precisely for a preparation adapted to all dishes.


This pizza oven was born out of the desire to find the quality and the taste of the famous Italian pizzas without leaving one's garden. Available in 10 colors, it fits perfectly with the Verycook Plancha Grill from the Creative range.


•   5-year warranty on all product components
•   Manufacture and assembly in France


•   1 pizza oven Verypizz'
•   1 ceramic plate (diameter 33 cm)
•   2 handles made of stainless steel
•   1 user manual


Data sheet


Specific References

    How do I use my Verypizz' pizza oven?

    1. Place your ceramic fireproof pizza stone on its holder and place it in the center of the plancha grill plate.

    2. Once your pizza stone and metal carrier are positioned in the center of your Verycook plancha, cover it with your Verypizz' pizza oven.

    3. Ignite your plancha and allow the ceramic stone to preheat to 230°C within about 15 minutes.

    4. Place your pizza on top of the ceramic stone with a large pusher or another large flat baking utensil (sprinkle with flour on the baking utensil to be able to push down the pizza easily.

    5. Bake your pizza about 10 minutes depending on your desired baking result.

    6. Take your pizza out of the oven with the baking utensil and allow the ceramic stone to cool.

    7. Serve, cut, enjoy!


    Some additional tips:

    • « Put a piece of parchment paper between the pizza and the ceramic stone if you are baking a fine dough. »

    • « To prevent your dough from sticking on the stone, sprinkle the pizza stone with flour. »

    • « Clean your ceramic stone with a metal spatula or an iron brush. Rub it off with a damp cloth. Attention! Do not use soap, as the stone's porosity may cause it to retain its taste. »

    How do I use my pizza oven to prepare different dishes (example: rib steak)?

    It is possible to use the Verypizz' pizza oven for other ways of cooking. The pizza oven has a polymeric stainless steel dome that reflects the heat inside the oven. So you can use this accessory for a high concentration of heat.

    For example, for an excellent rib steak: you place your food on the hot plancha plate (about 4 minutes from each side). Then cover this with the pizza oven (without setting the ceramic stone) and reduce the heat of the burners to a minimum. This allows the rib steaks to finish cooking with a homogeneous heat and a completely tender result.

    You can add some thyme and rosemary to the plancha plate for even more flavour - just delicious!

    How succeed my sweet and savoury cakes?

    Preheat the oven to 180°C. Then place your cake pan on the stainless steel carrier (without ceramic stone). With this trick you make sure that the bottom of the dough does not burn during the baking process.

    How do I achieve a crispy pizza?

    Preheat the ceramic stone in the pizza oven for about 15 minutes, sprinkle the stone with a little bit of flour and place the pizza on top. Bake your pizza for 8 minutes to optain a crispy pizza!

    How do I clean my pizza oven?

    Stainless steel hood inside the pizza oven:

    The stainless steel hood reflects the heat. You can easily clean it with a damp cloth. To facilitate care, we recommend that you thoroughly clean it after each use.


    Ceramic Stone:

    To clean your ceramic stone, scrape off the charred residue with a metal scraper or an iron brush. Then rub it off with a damp cloth. Attention! Do not use soap as the porosity of the stone may cause it to retain this taste.

    How do I clean my ceramic pizza stone?

    The Verypizz' pizza oven comes with a ceramic stone. This refractory ceramic stone is used to place your pizza or other doughs and absorb its moisture to make it crispy.

    This pizza stone is abrasive and therefore can not be cleaned with water by hand or in the dishwasher.

    It is recommended to clean the pizza stone with a small brush or the rough side of a dry sponge to remove any deposits that may be on the stone.

    Can I use my Verypizz' pizza oven on any plancha?

    The Verypizz' pizza oven is an accessory created for the Verycook plancha of the Creative series.

    This pizza oven is perfectly matched to this plancha gas grill in terms of its size and heating capacity.

    We also recommend turning the plancha grill plate of the grill 180° to make it easier to place and remove your pizzas.

    What is the size of the ceramic stone?

    The diameter of the ceramic pizza stone, supplied with the pizza oven, is 33 cm

    How to prevent the ceramic stone from being broken or cracked?

    The stone must be inserted as soon as the pizza oven is switched on. In order to prevent not be subjected to a temperature shock and break.

    The stone can be bought again : https://www.verycook.co.uk/p/110-ceramic-pizza-stone-.html

    Is the ceramic stone supplied with the pizza oven?

    Yes, ceramic stone is offered when you buy a pizza oven.

    It is possible to buy the ceramic stone separately: https://www.verycook.co.uk/p/110-ceramic-pizza-stone-.html

    The ceramic stone is composed of a 33 cm diameter stone + stainless steel support (allowing air to pass through)

    Is the pizza oven compatible with a baking lid?

    Yes the pizza oven is compatible with all lids, in the OPEN position.

    Le four à pizza fait-il double emploi avec le couvercle de cuisson ?

    Non, car le four à pizza possède un dôme en inox polymiroir qui réverbère la chaleur de la plancha dans le four. Ce dôme permet notamment de parfaitement cuire le dessus des aliments et notamment les pizzas, tartes, pains, etc. 

    Le couvercle de cuisson est quant à lui utilisé essentiellement dans le but d'accumuler plus de chaleur et de cuire à étouffé. Le deux produits sont complémentaires. Le four à pizza peut être utilisé tout en ayant le couvercle de cuisson installé sur la plancha Créative. 

    How high is the pizza oven entry?

    The height of the pizza oven entry is 10 cm



By (Lewes, United Kingdom) (Verypizz', pizza oven - Accessory CREATIVE) - Verified order -

I bought my yellow Plancha, pizza oven, and lid the only thing I can say at the moment is the delivery was good, I haven't set my Plancha up yet so cannot rate, but the service I received was very satisfactory.

Thanks verycook

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