Protective agent for the wooden grill trolley

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This protective agent is the best to guarantee resistance and longevity to your wooden grill cart.

This protective agent for wood outdoors is very easy to use and guarantees very long protection against UV rays, adverse weather and other external influences such as fat splashes.

Instructions for use: This protective agent is used on dry and clean wood. After shaking and mixing the protective agent, simply apply a thin layer of the product with a cloth, a brush or a foam roller. Do not try to saturate the wood.

Before applying the product, make sure that the weather forecast does not report precipitation within 24 hours of applying the product if you leave the grill cart outside.

This protective agent is available in three different formats: 500ml (for 10m²), 1l (for 20m²) and 3.7l (for 75m²).

This colorless protective agent is also very efficient on other wooden furniture or a wooden terrace.


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