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Plancha-Barbecue Verysmart
  • Plancha-Barbecue Verysmart
  • Plancha-Barbecue Verysmart
  • Plancha-Barbecue Verysmart
Plancha-Barbecue Verysmart
Plancha-Barbecue Verysmart Plancha-Barbecue Verysmart Plancha-Barbecue Verysmart video

Barbecue/Plancha - Verysmart

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Colours :
  • red Veryspicy
  • black Verynight
  • stainless steel Verynox
  • purple Verypurple
  • orange Verytonic
  • turquoise Verylagoon
  • green Verylucky
  • blue Verynavy
  • yellow Veryshiny
  • pink Veryblush
  • blue Veryocean
  • red Verycoral
  • white Verycream
  • grenn Veryolive
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Made in France 5-year warranty on all parts
Gas hose included Secured payment
Free delivery 30-day money back guarantee


picto-list-ficheproduit.pngEasy to use: The charcoal glows within 5 minutes

picto-list-fiche-produit.pngEasy operation and quick cleaning

picto-list-fiche-produit.png2 types of grilling on one device

picto-list-fiche-produit.pngGrill working with lava stones and charcoal

picto-list-fiche-produit.pngGrill plate made of 6 mm thick, enamelled steel

picto-list-fiche-produit.png5-year warranty on all product components


The combination of plancha and charcoal grill allows you to prepare different recipes with different grill methods.

You can cook your steaks or sausages on the charcoal grill while roasting vegetables on the plancha. This dual grill method allows you to create countless dishes by choosing the most appropriate type of grilling for your taste.

2 burners with a power of 7.2 kW (2 x 3.6 kW) for a perfect heat distribution

Enamelled steel grill plate measuring 20 x 40 cm and a thickness of 6 mm

Enamelled steel charcoal grill with 28 x 37 cm

Immediate ignition by double electronical piezo

Removable and dishwasher-safe grease tray with 1.2l capacity

4 adjustable feet to facilitate the drainage of liquids


Both burners have an electronical piezo for quick and easy ignition.

This product gives you the opportunity to grill on both a plancha and a charcoal grill. For the charcoal grill, the burner's flame causes the coal to glow in less than 5 minutes. The coal then grills the food and gives it the authentic charcoal taste. The grillage can be positioned in two ways: in the high position for low heat cooking and in the lower position for food preparation in high heat. Verycook chose the enamelled steel for the Verysmart 50/50. The non-stick effect of this material prevents the food from sticking while grilling.

Place the container for the charcoal on the left burner and the plancha on the right burner. Then place the ash collector under the charcoal container.

Evenly pour the charcoal into the container and remove the ash collector. The coal is now in direct contact with the burner and allows rapid ignition.

Turn the left burner on for about 5 minutes to heat the charcoal. Then turn the burner off. The glowing coal grills the food directly.

Reposition the ash tray that protects the burner before you begin to grill your food. Your Verycook accessory Verysmart is ready to use.


With the combination of plancha gas grill and charcoal grill, the coal is heated in record time.

Ignite the burner and leave it on for 5 minutes to make the charcoal glow. Then turn off the burner and grill on the embers. Barbecuing is a child's play as you do not have to spend hours to heat up the coal. The grilling gives meat and other foods a smoky taste. To meet different tastes and cooking methods, the grillage can be set to two different levels.


Both the plancha and the charcoal grill are easy to clean.

The Plancha is equipped with a drip tray on the back, which can be removed in two easy steps and is dishwasher safe. The charcoal grill can also be easily cleaned, is dishwasher safe and equipped with a ash collector that protects the burner.


The innovative accessores for Verycook's Creative Plancha Grills transform the Plancha into a complete outdoor kitchen.

The plancha and charcoal grill turns into a plancha, a pizza oven or an Asian wok in an instant.

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•   5-year warranty on all product components
•   Verycook as a manufacturer guarantees fast and complete support in the event of a product malfunction
•   Defective elements are replaced in an emergency
•   Free telephone support


•   1 Plancha Grill Creative with Plancha and charcoal grill accessory
•   1 user manual
•   1 flexible gas hose (1 m length)


Data sheet

Heating power
7,2 kw, up to 350°C
2 burners
Burner material
Chrome steel (totally rust-free).
Core structure material
Brushed stainless steel (totally rust-free).
Double piezo electronics (battery AA for Creative, AAA for Simplicity included).
Barbecue side
Enamelled steel. Cooking surface: 28,5 x 40 cm. Charcoal tray: 6,5 cm high
Plancha side
Cooking surface: 30 x 40 cm, enamelled steel; borders: 2,5 cm high
Cooking zones
2 independant cooking zones. 2 knobs to control the flames.
Barbecue grill
3 mm thick, stainless steel 304
Grease drip tray
Removable for cleaning. Dishwasher safe Capacity of 1.2 liters situated at the back of the plancha.
Gas Fitting
Back left corner. L-shaped.
20 kg
5 years on all parts of the plancha grill. Full support.

Specific References

    How do I find the right temperature for my barbecue grill?

    To determine the temperature of your barbecue grill, hold your flat hand about 12 cm above the grill and follow the instructions below:

    heat temperature time until removing the hand
    weak 120 to 180°C 8 to 10 seconds
    medium 180 to 230°C 5 to 7 seconds
    strong 230 to 290°C 2 to 4 seconds

    How do I  arrange my charcoals best?

    There are two ways to arrange your coals. You can spread them over the entire grill area or collect them on one side. This is called direct or indirect grilling.

    What is the difference between these two grilling methods?

    If the ember is just under the food, it is a direct grilling of the food. Direct Grilling is ideal for small, not too thick foods such as minced steaks, seafood, fish fillets and sliced vegetables.

    PFor some thicker pieces of meat or for whole fishes, it is best to start with direct grilling and finish the preparation with indirect grilling. The latter is also very good for meaty vegetables, which require a long and gentle cooking time.

    Which position should I choose for my grillage?

    If you place the grillage in the upper position, you can grill foods more gently, which is particularly suitable for vegetables or fish.

    To grill at high heat, position your grillage in the lower position. This lower level is better for grilling food such as large pieces of meat.

    How do I clean my barbecue grill Verysmart or Verygrill?

    When the grill is turned off and the ashes are cold, remove the grillage and the charcoal container. Remove the ash from the charcoal container and the ash collecting tray at the end of each use.

    You can clean the grillage, the charcoal container and the ash collecting tray directly in the dishwasher or with a conventional detergent and water.

    Rinse the parts thoroughly with clean water and dry them off. It is recommended to clean the entire grill regularly.

    What kind of fuel can I use for my barbecue grill?

    The barbecue grill (Verysmart or Verygrill) is a product that can be used with most conventional barbecue fuels. Namely: classic charcoal, charcoal pellets in the form of slices, flavoured coals, vines, but also firewood.

    The recommended fuel, however, remains to be the conventional charcoal.

    What is the thickness of the Verycook grill plates?

    6 millimetres. It is a thickness that makes the grill surface robust and durable and increases the quality of the heat distribution. All Verycook planchas have a 6 mm thick grill plate.

    How do I clean my enamelled steel grill plate?

    The grill plate made of enamelled steel is very easy to clean and to find this grill plate as if it was new.

    You can clean your hot enamelled steel plate at the end of the grilling with fresh water or white vinegar.

    It is recommended to use the Verycook cleaning spatula to properly scrape food residues from the grill surface. Since the stainless steel cleaning spatula lies flat on the plate, there is no risk of scratching the enamel layer.

    It is also possible to use the effective Verycook cleaning spray.


    More information can be found on our special page about the enamelled steel grill plates.

    What are the dimensions (+ shot ) of the grease container of the Creative planchas ?

    The dimensions of the grease container for the Creative 2-burner griddle are: 60 x 40 x 15 cm (L x W x H).

    It is positioned at the back of the griddle. Here is a picture of the grease container with a capacity of 1.2L.

    The container is removable and dishwasher safe.

    Is the cooking lid compatible or the Verysmart barbecue or grill / plancha?  


    The Verygrill barbecue or Verysmart barbecue / plancha is compatible with the cooking lid.

    The cooking lid can be closed after use. However, the lid should be left open during barbecuing so that the flames do not reach the underside of the lid. The lid can thus act as a protection but also to keep food warm after cooking.

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