Ceramic pizza stone for Verypizz' pizza oven

Ceramic pizza stone for Verypizz' pizza oven

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The ceramic pizza stone is the suitable accessory for the pizzaoven Verypizz'. The stone absorbs moisture from your pizza dough and makes it really crispy. The stainless steel support makes it easy to pick it up.

  • Allows a real cooking on stone
  • Absorbs moisture from the dough to make your pizzas crispy


Material and dimensions

Diameter of the ceramic stone

33 cm

Support material

Stainless steel

Material of the stone




Plancha grill 2 burners + Verypizz' pizza oven

Manufacturer's warranty

12 months


What is the size of the ceramic stone?

The diameter of the ceramic pizza stone, supplied with the pizza oven, is 33 cm. 


    How do I clean my ceramic pizza stone?

    The Verypizz' pizza oven comes with a ceramic stone. This refractory ceramic stone is used to place your pizza or other doughs and absorb its moisture to make it crispy.

    This pizza stone is abrasive and therefore can not be cleaned with water by hand or in the dishwasher.

    It is recommended to clean the pizza stone with a small brush or the rough side of a dry sponge to remove any deposits that may be on the stone.

    What is the size of the ceramic stone?

    The diameter of the ceramic pizza stone, supplied with the pizza oven, is 33 cm

    How to prevent the ceramic stone from being broken or cracked?

    The stone must be inserted as soon as the pizza oven is switched on. In order to prevent not be subjected to a temperature shock and break.

    The stone can be bought again : https://www.verycook.co.uk/p/110-ceramic-pizza-stone-.html

    Is the ceramic stone supplied with the pizza oven?

    Yes, ceramic stone is offered when you buy a pizza oven.

    It is possible to buy the ceramic stone separately: https://www.verycook.co.uk/p/110-ceramic-pizza-stone-.html

    The ceramic stone is composed of a 33 cm diameter stone + stainless steel support (allowing air to pass through)

    My ceramic stone is blackened, is that normal?

    Oui cela est normal, car la pâte en grillant laisse de la farine noircie qui s’incruste quelques peu dans la pierre.

    La pierre en céramique peut être nettoyée à l'aide d'une brosse rigide ou d'une paille de fer. Sans eau car la pierre en céramique est abrasive et absorbe l'humidité.

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