Technical details

The Verycook plancha grill is an upgradeable gas-heated plancha that combines professional cooking performances with ease of use and very easy cleaning. Their large cooking surface (60x40cm) means that Verycook gas planchas are ideal for outdoor use by non-professional cooks.

The Verycook plancha

The Verycook plancha grill is fun and pleasant to use. Its sober design is available in 10 attractive colours. Light your plancha grill in 3 seconds, heat your griddle in 3 minutes and you are ready to discover the magic of plancha cookery. A healthy, creative cooking method for fish, meat, vegetables, fruit...

The power of the gas plancha grill flame

The Verycook plancha griddle is renowned for its powerful heating capacity (7.6kw). Its four enamelled-steel burner ramps enable the cooking plate to reach very high temperatures (up to 350°C) for delicious dishes in record time. The intensity of your burners' flames is precision-controlled and can be adjusted by the two buttons. You therefore have two independent cooking zones available, allowing you to vary the cooking on each side of your gas griddle.

Simple as hello

The Verycook Plancha Grill was designed to be fun and enjoyable for outdoor usage.Turning on of the plancha grill is very fast due to two electronic piezo lighters, chosen for their reliability and positioning on each burner. The Piezo igniter battery is changed very easily with a quick turn of the red button at the front. The thickness of 6mm of the griddle plate ensures perfect distribution and diffusion of the heat over the entire surface. The rims around the cooking surface offer protection from splattering and act as a support when the food is turned.

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Looking after your plancha grill is child's play

The Verycook plancha griddle is very easy to maintain. Once your cooking is done, you simply push the grease to the back of your griddle into the drip tray. This is removable in one go and goes easily into the dishwasher or under a tap.

To clean the cooking surface, simply pour over a little water with ice cubes, which will loosen the grease. With the cleaning spatula you can then scrape the plate for a smooth, clean surface again.

The grease runs off easily as you can tilt the cooking surface by means of the adjustable feet positioned under the heat unit.

Your gas griddle can stay outside all year round as its stainless steel structure is weatherproof. Finally, every element of the plancha grill is removable and can be cleaned separately.