stainless steel plancha

Cooking surface made from solid, shining stainless steel

stainless steel plancha


Stainless steel is a raw material made from steel, carbone and chromium (at least 10,5%). Together these elements build a robust alloy that is completely resistant to humidity.

There are many different types of stainless steel. We hchose a type of stainless steel that is ideal for the preparation and grilling of food. The chromium content makes the grill plate very resistant to heat and also contributes to an excellent distribution of the heat across the entire cooking surface.

The stainless steel plancha answers even to the highest expectations and possesses all the qualities of the planchas used by professional chefs. Stainless steel is well known for its longevity, especially for its excellent resistance to humidity and oxidation.

This gas-powered stainless steel plancha guarantees a perfect heat distribution over the entire cooking surface and, at the same time, it is extremely durable against the heat. Being at the same time especially robust, beautiful and easy to use, the stainless steel plancha enables you to prepare any meal like a professional chef.

The stainless steel of the Verycook plancha has all the advantages of a professional material suitable for cooking. This plancha can stay outside the whole year as it is completely resistant to humidity.


  • Easy cleaning

    The stainless steel cooking surface is completely smooth and shiny. Thanks to a stainless steel spatula, the cleaning is very easy. The surface doesn't scratch and can also be cleaned with a sponge or steel wool.

  • Cooking quality

    The professional stainless steel cooking surface guarantees that all of your meals will succeed. The perfect heat distribution over the entire surface makes it easy to precisely control the temperatures. A small but important detail.

  • Resistant

    The stainless steel is a raw material with a high level of resistance over time. The thickness of 6 millimeters makes the plancha perfectly heat resistant. The chromium contained in the stainless steel ensures a completely scratch- and rustfree surface.

  • 20 year warranty for our best plancha

    The stainless steel griddle has a 20 year warranty. Even after a long time the plancha does not lose any of its quality and ensures many successful "Plancha Parties".


  • I want to clean my plancha fast and easy: Cleaning spatula + water

    You can pour both water and ice cubes on the hot griddle. The big difference in temperature between the hot plancha and the cool water, makes it easy to remove any grease residues. With a stainless steel spatula you can now remove any fat residues and push them towards the grease tray in the back of the plancha.

  • After having cooked fish, I would now like to cook meat on my plancha: white vinegar

    If you want to cook meat after having cooked fish without your meat tasting like fish, we recommend you clean your cooking surface thoroughly with white vinegar (same process as if with water). It neutralises aromas and enables you to prepare all kinds of meals on your plancha.

  • I would like for my plancha to look like new: Verycook cleaning spray

    The Verycook cleaning spray is the most efficient way to remove any fat residues from the plancha. Use the cleaner only on the cold cooking surface. Let the cleaner soak in for a few minutes and then use a sponge to clean the griddle. Grease residues will be removed completely and your plancha will look like new. After using the cleaner, carefully rinse your griddle with water.

The stainless steel cooking surface convinces with superior quality and a carefully crafted finish.