enamelled steel plancha

Cooking surface made of enamelled steel

enamelled steel plancha3


During the enamelling method the cooking surface is being coated with a fine enamel and then hardened in an oven at 800°C. High quality steel was chosen as the base material under this highly resistant enamel. At the same time resistant and rustproof, the grill plate made of enamelled steel fears neither water nor fat and withstands temperatures of up to 450°C.

Our enamel made by experts in France is highly resistant. This procedure and the completely mineral composition of the enamel, make for a perfectly smooth cooking surface.

You can use a stainless steel spatula on the enamelled steel surface wihtout any concerns. The plancha plate will not be damaged.

Enamelled steel is the equivalent of enamelled cast iron.
The only difference is the faster heating process of the enamelled steel, while the cast iron maintains the heat for a longer time.
Inferior cast iron can be rough and uneven.


  • Simple cleaning

    The enamelled steel griddle is very easily cleaned. Its smooth and shiny surface is clean in an instant and will keep looking like new, without showing traces of being used.

  • Cooking quality

    The enamelled steel enables you to cook all your meals perfectly. The heat is evenly distributed over the whole cooking surface. By regulating the two sides of the heating core differently, it is possible to have two independent cooking zones at different temperatures.

  • Non-adhesive

    It is not necessary to add fats to the enamelled steel plancha. The surface is non-adhesive and your food will be perfectly grilled without sticking to the griddle. Additionally, the cleaning of the cooking surface is very simple.

  • Rustproof

    Even though it is only a coating, the enamel of the cooking surface is extremley resistant. Verycook gives a 5 year warranty on the enamelled steel grill plate, just in case there is any damage.
    The quality of the enamel and its application at especially high temperatures is imperative to the high quality of the grill plate. The enamelled steel plate does not fear humidtiy and is absolutely rustfree.


  • I want to clean my plancha fast and easy: Cleaning spatula + water

    When you are done cooking, check that your grill plate is still hot before pouring a little water or white vinegar on it. Wait until the water has vaporized and then remove any food residues with the help of a stainless steel spatula. There is no risk of scratching your cooking surface. Any fat residues can be easily removed and your plancha is completely clean again. It is possible that some white streaks will appear on the cooking surface due to the lime content in the water. These streaks will disappear before the next usage. If they don't, use bottled water instead (even if this is a little bit less practical).

  • After having cooked meat, I would now like to cook fish on my plancha: white vinegar

    White vinegar is the perfect neutraliser for smells and aromas. After having cooked the meat, pour a little white vinegar on the griddle and clean it with a stainless steel spatula. Grease will be removed and aromas will be neutralised.

  • I would like for my plancha to look like new: Sponge + soapy water

    To make the enamelled steel plancha look like new, all you need is a regular sponge and some soapy water. Pour a little soapy water on the cooking surface and carefully clean it with the sponge. The plancha will very easily look like new.

The enamel of the the griddle is the perfect protection against corrosion and rust.