laminated steel plancha 4
Cooking surface made of laminated carbone steel.
laminated steel plancha


Laminated steel is the traditional material used for the planchas in Spain.

Laminated steel is well known for its excellent heat transmission. The laminating makes the cooking surface completely smooth and resistant to shocks and scratches.

The thickness of 6 millimeters allows to achieve an extraordinary thermal inertia that enables you to cook and have fun without any restraints. Additionally, the laminated steel cooking surface is refractory, i.e. it resists extremely high temperatures.

The laminated steel cooking surface is not rust-free. It reacts sensitively to humidity if it is not well protected. Normally it is enough to cover the cooking surface with a thin layer of oil before storing it.


  • Cooking quality

    The laminated carbone steel is well known for its cooking qualities. The heat is spread evenly over the entire surface of the plancha.
  • Spanish tradition

    The laminated steel is a raw metal that was being used as the plancha during its origines by the pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostela.
  • Longevity

    The laminated carbone steel plancha is an unworked material without any coating. This coooking surface is extremely durable, even after a long time.

    It's thickness of 6 millimeters makes for an indestructible griddle.

  • Price-performance ratio

    Verycook offers you the professional plancha with a laminated steel cooking surface at only £399.

    The price-performance ratio for this product is truly unbeatable.


  • I want to clean my plancha fast and easy: Cleaning spatula + water

    After you have finished to cook with your plancha, take a stainless steel cleaning spatula and remove bigger food residues from the hot cooking surface. Push them into the grease tray in the back. To completely remove any other residues, pour a little water or ice cubes on the hot grill plate. Wait until it has vaporized and then again remove the remains from the laminated steel cooking surface with the spatula.
  • After having cooked fish, I would now like to cook fruits on my plancha: white vinegar

    There is an easy and efficient way to remove smells and aromas from the plancha. Pour a little white vinegar on the hot cooking surface and then proceed exactly the same as for the cleaning with water. Because vinegar neutralises smells, you can now prepare a different meal, without being unpleasantly surprised by the taste of fish.
  • I would like my plancha to look like new: Steel wool + muscle power

    You would like your cooking surface to look like on the first day. Equip yourself with steel wool or a piece of sandpaper (basis weight 1000g). Put some water on the cold grill plate and scrub the grill plate thoroughly for a few minutes. Your plancha looks like new again.

It is important to regularly oil the laminated steel cooking surface, when it is not being used. Because this is a raw material, the plancha is very sensitive to humidity and can therefore oxidise on the surface. In this case, the rust has to be thoroughly removed with steel wool or sand paper.