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The Verywok

Tour of the world, third stop : China

Our companions Verycook have enjoyed their journey across North and South America. However, there was still plenty of places left to discover. From the Argentine capital Buenos Aires they have continued their tip on to China.


Our voyagers have therefore landed in Beijing, the capital of China. This large city has a rich cultural history and plenty of culinary delights. Everywhere they go, our Verycookers have been surrounded by food, whether in cafes and restaurants but also on the streets and in markets. Everywhere you look, people are feasting and enjoying themselves.

In addition to trying new fish recipes, they teamed up with residents to prepare several dishes with seafood. In an instant, they were able to serve healthy and very innovative dishes.

Suddenly, a young leader, Verywok, approached them. He offered his assistance in preparing dishes from China. "Of course," answered the plancha, the Verypizz 'and the handset. This young chef, expert in the use of the wok, revealed all their cooking secrets. As the wok comes directly in contact with the flames of the grill, it was not difficult to prepare meals in very little time. He unveiled their technique and together they began to develop a variety of dishes. A delicious mix of vegetables prepared in a wok, a well grilled steak and a well-seasoned fish a la plancha.

Because it would have been a shame to let the young chef alone Verycook team decided to invite him for the rest of the world tour.

The Verywok

The Verywok can easily prepare Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Indian dishes and more. Everything is possible with the wok accessory and a Verycook plancha. The wok is effective for more delicate dishes such as a tasty sautéed beef with exotic ingredients. Simply remove the grill plate and put on the special plate of the wok. Next, place the wok on the space dedicated to it and it will be directly exposed to the flames. You are then ready to cook!

Next week, do not miss the fourth and final destination of our adventure!

The Verywok will be available from 20 May (pre-orders will begin on May 11).