Plug & Cook - Transform your plancha!

Transform your Plancha grill in just a few simple steps into a pizza oven and treat yourself with a delicious pizza freshly made in your new Verycook pizza oven.

Verycook creates and designs Plug and Cook accessories to transform and improve your plancha grill. These accessories allow you to find new ways of cooking outdoors with your plancha!

  • -20% Reduced price!
    £159.20 £199.00

    The Verypizz’ is an outside pizza oven that fits perfectly on your plancha grill to make crispy, savoury pizzas with tastes worthy of a true pizza-chef! (Plancha grill sold separately.)

  • -20% Reduced price!
    £191.20 £239.00

    Discover the authentic taste of a charcoal barbecue and the qualities of cooking with a plancha grill. The embers of the barbecue can be it within under 5 minutes thanks to the fast ignition of the gas burners. This accessory fits perfectly onto your Verycook plant by replacing the cooking surface. Delivered with a half-barbecue and half-cooking surface...

  • -20% Reduced price!
    £132.00 £165.00

    The cooking lid allows you to perfect your plancha cooking and to cook a larger variety of food. It also protects the cooking surface of your plancha and protects you against any grease spatters. The cooking lid is the ideal accessory for any fan of the plancha party!

  • -20% Reduced price!
    £239.20 £299.00

    Designed for barbecue lovers! For lovers of a smoky taste, this product fits perfectly onto your plancha grill allowing you to make more traditional barbecues with charcoal.

  • -20% Reduced price!
    £128.00 £160.00

    Verycook offers you a change of your griddle surface.

  • -20% Reduced price!
    £183.20 £229.00

    Rediscover Asian flavours and wok cooking thanks to the Verywok accessory which fits onto your plancha. The Verywok includes an enamelled steel support which replaces the cooking surface of your plancha. This allows you to perfectly place the steel wok with the rounded bottom, so that the heat of the flames spreads evenly over the entire surface.