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Plancha gas grill Fusion 3 burners - Hard chrome plate

Plancha gas grill Fusion 3 burners - Hard chrome plate

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12 kW, power up to 350¬įC

3 burners in very sturdy stainless steel

Plate of 72.5 x 40 cm in hard chrome

3 cooking zones, for 8 to 15 people

500 ml grease drip tray

Cooking plate with lifetime guarantee

Why choose the Plancha Grill hard chrome fusion with 3 burners ?

  • 12 kW power, up to 350¬įC
  • Hard chrome plate, 72.5 x 40 cm, 8 mm thick
  • 3 H-shaped burners for ideal temperature distribution
  • Piezo technology built into the buttons for instant ignition
  • 3 cooking zones, for 8 to 15 people
  • Stainless steel grease trap

A quality Plancha designed for outdoor use

8 mm thick hard chrome plate. Mirror-like shine. Rounded corners for easy cleaning.

3 independent cooking zones controlled by 3 buttons.

Triple instant piezo ignition integrated into the buttons.

3 H-shaped 4kW burners for perfect heat distribution across the hob.

Removable stainless steel grease trap. Dishwasher-safe.

4 adjustable non-slip feet for easy grease draining.

The hard chrome plate: the choice of excellence

1. Durability :

Hard chrome is a very strong and durable material. It is corrosion, scratch and impact resistant, which means it can withstand heavy use and last for a long time.

2. Even cooking :

The smooth surface of hard chrome ensures even heat distribution, meaning that food cooks evenly and retains its flavour and texture.

3. Ease of maintenance :

Hard chrome is very easy to clean and maintain over time. Simply clean with fresh water when the hob is hot and finish with a soft sponge.

4. Lifetime warranty

The hard chrome Plancha Grill has an 8mm thick cooking plate with a lifetime guarantee. All other parts around the Plancha are guaranteed for 10 years.

Using the hard chrome Plancha Grill

The hard chrome Plancha Grill can be used to cook a wide variety of foods, including vegetables, meat, fish and seafood.

Your choice of griddle will depend on many factors, including your budget, your cooking preferences and your specific needs. The hard chrome Plancha grill is considered an excellent option if you're looking for a durable griddle.

Cleaning your hard chrome Plancha

Hard chrome is very easy to clean and maintain over time. Simply clean with fresh water when the hob is hot and finish with a soft sponge.

Turn your 3-burner Plancha into an outdoor kitchen

Our Fusion range of planchas can also be adapted as outdoor kitchens. Outdoor kitchens provide extra space for cooking outdoors all year round.

A flexible and functional space

The Fusion Plancha is also available in a summer kitchen version with a cooking lid. There is plenty of storage space, shelves on the sides and the gas bottle is hidden by a door.

History of the Verycook Company

Verycook is a French manufacturer of top-of-the-range outdoor planchas. Founded in Lyon in May 2011, the company has built its success on direct distribution of its products, with no intermediaries, high-quality, simple and innovative products, and above all a constant focus on customer satisfaction.

Fusion planchas in pictures

Compatible accessories - Protecting your hard chrome Plancha

The all stainless steel protective lid is available to protect the stainless steel Plancha from the elements. The lid is hinged, so it moulds perfectly to the shape of the Fusion griddle. When open, the lid also acts as a credenza to protect the wall from any cooking splatters.

Comparison of our Plancha Grill plates

Laminated steel plate




La plaque ne craint ni les coups ni les chocs mais il faut la huiler pour la protéger.

Cleaning and care

The plate can be cleaned hot using water, ice cubes or white vinegar. The plate should then be oiled to protect it.

Non-stick effect

The plate will develop a patina as you bake, making it completely non-stick.

Resistance over time

10 years

Enamelled steel plate




The plate has two layers of enamel for greater resistance over time.

Cleaning and care

The plate is easy to clean when hot, using water or white vinegar.

Non-stick effect

The plate has a non-stick coating directly on the two layers of enamel.

Resistance over time

10 years

Solid stainless steel plate

The pro choice



The plate is professional quality, so you can cut directly on it, and it's resistant to knocks and bumps.

Cleaning and care

The plate can be cleaned hot with water, ice cubes or white vinegar or cold with Verycook special stainless steel cleaner.

Non-stick effect

The Plancha will become completely non-stick as you cook.

Resistance over time

20 years

Hard chrome plate




The hob is a professional plate. It is completely mirrored and is resistant to knocks and shocks.

Cleaning and care

The hotplate can be cleaned with water, ice cubes or white vinegar. The plate is mirrored and always remains mirrored over time.

Non-stick effect

The plate is shiny and mirror-like, making it perfectly non-stick. There is no need to patinate this plate. This is the quality of plate found in professional kitchens.

Resistance over time



Material and dimensions

Product dimensions
75 x 51 x 25 cm

Cooking surface dimensions
72,5 x 40 cm

Coating material
Hard chrome, 8 mm

Burner material
Stainless steel, H-shaped burner

Core structure material
Epoxy-painted steel (perfectly resistant to humidity) or stainless steel (Verynox model)

Use and maintenance

3 Burners

Heating power
12 kw, up to 350¬įC

Triple piezo technology, integrated into the buttons

Cooking zones
3 independent cooking zones, controlled by 3 knobs

Grease drip tray
TAll stainless steel. Removable for cleaning. Dishwasher safe or can be hosed down. 500mL capacity at the back right of the Plancha.

Outdoor, for individuals and professionals. From 1 to 15 people.

Gas Fitting
Screw-on outlet at the rear left of the Plancha

Butane or propane

Parcels and manufacturing

Parcel dimensions
85 x 60 x 30 cm

instructions book

Product range

10 years on all parts. Full coverage

Manufacturer's warranty of the stainless steel cooking surface
Lifetime warranty. Full support


Personalise your Plancha

Your plancha is unique thanks to Verycook hot stamping!


  • 10-year warranty on the entire product
  • Additional guarantee for the stainless steel hob: For life
  • Verycook, as a manufacturer, guarantees rapid and comprehensive assistance in the event of a product malfunction.
  • Replacement of any part if necessary and free telephone assistance


  • 1 Plancha with hard chrome cooking plate
  • 1 summer bag
  • 1 embroidered apron

Our recipe ideas

Mushrooms stuffed with cheese and parsley

Marinated chicken skewers

Grilled aubergines

Garlic prawns

Caramelised pineapple

Beef Tataki

Questions / Réponses

Oui :) Toutes les plaques de cuisson des planchas gaz Verycook sont amovibles. Leur poids oscille entre 13 kg (2 feux) et 18 kg (3 feux). Le transport de la plancha est donc plus simple et il est possible de nettoyer séparément la plaque de cuisson si besoin.

La plaque de cuisson en inox massif est alimentaire et est très apprécié pour sa durabilité dans le temps et la qualité des cuissons.

L'entretien de cette plaque est simple. L'avantage est d'être sur une matière brute, ainsi de nombreuses méthodes peuvent être utilisées sans risque d'altérer la plaque de cuisson.

Vous pouvez nettoyer votre plaque de cuisson en inox avec de l'eau fra√ģche ou du vinaigre blanc en fin de cuisson, lorsque la plancha est encore chaude.

Il est recommandé d'utiliser un ustensile en inox pour bien racler les résidus de matières grasses sur la plaque de cuisson. Avec la spatule d'entretien en inox bien à plat sur la plaque, il n'y a aucun risque de rayure ou d'éclat de l'émail.

Il est également possible d'utiliser le nettoyant-dégraissant pour plancha Verycook.

Ci-dessous, retrouvez la vidéo réalisée par un de nos clients Verycooker, qui présente le nettoyage rapide et simple de la plaque de cuisson en inox massif :

Pour encore plus d'informations, vous pouvez lire notre page consacrée à la plancha en inox

Plaque en acier émaillé : 6mm d'épaisseur (plaque avec 2 couches d'émail pour plus de résistance) Plaque en inox massif planchas 2 feux : 6mm d'épaisseur (plaque 100% inox massif) Plaque en inox massif plancha 3 feux : 7mm d'épaisseur (plaque 100% inox massif). Nous avons fait le choix d'opter pour 7 mm d'épaisseur pour assurer à cette grande surface de cuisson une parfaite résistance thermique. Toutes les plaques de cuisson des planchas Verycook ont une épaisseur forte rendant la plaque de cuisson robuste, résistante dans le temps. Cela accentue la qualité de diffusion de la chaleur ainsi que sa répartition.

Les dimensions du bac récupérateur de graisses pour la plancha les planchas Simplicity 2 feux et 3 feux sont : 27 x 5 x 12 cm (L x l x h). Celui-ci est positionné à l'arrière de la plancha.

Voici une photo du bac de récupération des graisses d'une contenance d'1L. Le bac est amovible et passe au lave-vaisselle.


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