Cleaning and protection agent for brushed stainless steel

    Cleaning and protection agent for brushed stainless steel

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    This cleaner is the best to revive the gloss of the brushed stainless steel of your Verycook plancha covering.

    This polish for brushed stainless steel allows you to apply it at all your stainless steel items such as for example the covering of your plancha, the lid or the stainless steel cart to clean it while providing protection.

    Instructions for use: This cleaner is applied to the cold plate. Simply apply the required amount of the product to the brushed stainless steel piece and scrub the affected areas with a cloth to clean them and give them a high gloss finish. Let them shine like new.

    This cleaner is available in a 250ml spray bottle.


    Data sheet

    brushed stainless steel
    250 ml
    Dangereux. Respecter les précautions d'emploi

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