Plancha - gas connection

How do I take the regulator of my gas cylinder into operation?

The regulator is clipped on the golden end of the gas cylinder. You will then hear a "click" when the regulator is clipped.

In order to open the gas bottle, you have to perform:2 operations:

  1. Open the gas supply tap

  2. Defuse the safety of the regulator (by pressing a button on the side usually)

You can also refer to the operating manual of your gas cylinder because each type of regulator engages differently.

Which gas hose should I use?

For your Verycook plancha, you will have to use a gas pipe, designed for Butane or Propane gas, with a G1/2-G1/4 type screw-on end.

This gas hose can be either a rubber hose (10 years service life) or a braided stainless steel hose (lifetime warranty).

Which gas can I use for the Verycook Plancha?

Your Verycook Plancha works with butane or propane gas. However, we recommend propane gas, which does not freeze in winter.

Verycook Planchas are designed for the use with both butane gas and propane gas.

Be careful, do not connect your plancha with city gas.

How do I know if there is still gas in my bottle?

Ahhh the eternal question: how do I know if there is still enough gas in my bottle?

Simple and effective technique: If there is no indication on your gas bottle, you can pour a cup of boiling water on the outside wall of your gas bottle. Condensation then forms up to the edge, until where the bottle is still filled.

Now you have your answer :)

Is the regulator supplied with the gas cylinder?

Yes, most gas bottle manufacturers supply the regulator that fits to their bottle.

Which gas bottle do I choose?

Use butane or propane gas, knowing that propane has the advantage of not freezing in winter. Never use city gas or any other gas. You can alternate butane and propane gas without a modification of the device.

The gas cylinders range from 5 to 13 kg. You can get your gas bottle at most supermarkets and gas stations.

How do I connect my plancha to the gas bottle?

To connect your Verycook plancha you must have a gas hose, the butane or propane gas bottle and its regulator.

The silver/golfen end of the gas hose should be screwed to the left rear of your plancha. Securely tighten with pliers.

The other end of the gas hose must be screwed to the regulator of the gas cylinder. Securely tighten with pliers.

The regulator must then be clipped onto the end of the gas bottle. You will then hear a "click" when the regulator is clipped on.

In order to open the gas bottle, you have to perform 2 operations:

  1. Open the gas supply tap.
  2. Defuse the safety of the regulator (by pressing a button on the side usually).

The gas bottle is then in use.

You are ready to start your plancha! :)

Le tuyau de gaz est-il fourni avec ma plancha ? 

Le tuyau de gaz est fourni est la plancha de la gamme Créative. 

Le tuyau de gaz n'est pas fourni avec la plancha de la gamme Simplicity. Les tuyaux de gaz butane / propane peuvent être achetés séparément sur cette page

Le détendeur est la plupart du temps fourni lors de l'achat de la bouteille de gaz. 

Do I have to change the injectors/sprays to switch from butane to propane and vice versa?

No, Verycook planchas grill are equipped with d'injectors/sprays allowing to switch from butane to propane (and vice versa) without having to change them.

On the other hand, to switch from butane / propane to city gas / natural gas, the injectors of the plancha burners would have to be changed.

The boards of the Creative range are available in city gas / natural gas version, on request by email to the address :

Do you have a plancha grill compatible with city gas / natural gas? 

Yes, all the planchas grill in the Creative range exist with a natural gas / city gas version. To order this model, simply contact customer service:

Comment est l'embout de raccordement au gaz des planchas Verycook ?

La sortie de gaz des planchas Verycook est toujours situé côté gauche de la plancha. Il s'agit d'un embout vissable standard et classique, de type G1/2.

Sur la plancha Créative, un embout coudé est fourni avec la plancha permettant de faire partir le tuyau de gaz vers le côté gauche, à l'horizontal. 

Sur la plancha Simplicity, l'embout de raccordement au gaz permet de visser son tuyau de gaz facilement. Un embout coudé peut également être ajouté en option. 

Je n'entends pas le gaz sortir de ma plancha, comment faire ?

Is the plancha-grill delivered assembled?

Yes, I confirm that the plancha is delivered assembled. Simply place the cooking plate on the burners.

Then you can connect the plancha-grill to the gas bottle and make the first cooking!

Are the plancha-grill equipped with a thermocouple?

Yes, all Verycook plancha-grills are equipped with a thermocouple safety device.