How do I clean my stainless steel grill plate?

The massive stainless steel grill plate is highly appreciated for its resistance over time and the optimal grilling results.

The care of the stainless steel plate is simple. Many different cleaning methods can be used without changing the surface of the plate.

You can clean your still hot stainless steel grill plate with fresh water or white vinegar at the end of the grilling process.

It is recommended to use the Verycook stainless steel cleaning spatula to properly scrape food residues from the grill. Since the stainless steel cleaning spatula lies flat on the plate, there is no risk of scratching it.

It is also possible to use the effective Verycook cleaning spray.

Below is a video of one of our Verycookers demonstrating the quick and easy cleaning of the solid stainless steel grill plate:


Further information can be found on our special page about the stainless steel grill plates.