How do I use my Verypizz' pizza oven?

1. Place your ceramic fireproof pizza stone on its holder and place it in the center of the plancha grill plate.

2. Once your pizza stone and metal carrier are positioned in the center of your Verycook plancha, cover it with your Verypizz' pizza oven.

3. Ignite your plancha and allow the ceramic stone to preheat to 230°C within about 15 minutes.

4. Place your pizza on top of the ceramic stone with a large pusher or another large flat baking utensil (sprinkle with flour on the baking utensil to be able to push down the pizza easily.

5. Bake your pizza about 10 minutes depending on your desired baking result.

6. Take your pizza out of the oven with the baking utensil and allow the ceramic stone to cool.

7. Serve, cut, enjoy!


Some additional tips:

• « Put a piece of parchment paper between the pizza and the ceramic stone if you are baking a fine dough. »

• « To prevent your dough from sticking on the stone, sprinkle the pizza stone with flour. »

• « Clean your ceramic stone with a metal spatula or an iron brush. Rub it off with a damp cloth. Attention! Do not use soap, as the stone's porosity may cause it to retain its taste. »