Accessory - barbecue

How do I install my barbecue / plancha?
  1. Remove the grillage.

  2. Place the charcoal or another recommended fuel on the bottom of the container.

  3. Switch on the burners of the plancha gas grill. The flames of your burners make your coals glow easily and quickly.

  4. Turn off your burners as soon as the first coals glow (between 1 and 3 minutes).

  5. Spread your coals with tongs inside the container.

  6. Set the grillage to the desired height. You can then no longer move the grillage while it is hot.

  7. Once the coals are glowing and covered with a thin layer of gray ash, your barbecue is ready for use.

  8. You can now place your food on the grillage.

With which plancha gas grill is the barbecue accessory compatible?

The barbecue accessory is compatible with the plancha gas grill with 2 burners from the Verycook Creative series.

How do I find the right temperature for my barbecue grill?

To determine the temperature of your barbecue grill, hold your flat hand about 12 cm above the grill and follow the instructions below:

heat temperature time until removing the hand
weak 120 to 180°C 8 to 10 seconds
medium 180 to 230°C 5 to 7 seconds
strong 230 to 290°C 2 to 4 seconds

How do I  arrange my charcoals best?

There are two ways to arrange your coals. You can spread them over the entire grill area or collect them on one side. This is called direct or indirect grilling.

What is the difference between these two grilling methods?

If the ember is just under the food, it is a direct grilling of the food. Direct Grilling is ideal for small, not too thick foods such as minced steaks, seafood, fish fillets and sliced vegetables.

PFor some thicker pieces of meat or for whole fishes, it is best to start with direct grilling and finish the preparation with indirect grilling. The latter is also very good for meaty vegetables, which require a long and gentle cooking time.

Which position should I choose for my grillage?

If you place the grillage in the upper position, you can grill foods more gently, which is particularly suitable for vegetables or fish.

To grill at high heat, position your grillage in the lower position. This lower level is better for grilling food such as large pieces of meat.

How do I clean my barbecue grill Verysmart or Verygrill?

When the grill is turned off and the ashes are cold, remove the grillage and the charcoal container. Remove the ash from the charcoal container and the ash collecting tray at the end of each use.

You can clean the grillage, the charcoal container and the ash collecting tray directly in the dishwasher or with a conventional detergent and water.

Rinse the parts thoroughly with clean water and dry them off. It is recommended to clean the entire grill regularly.

What kind of fuel can I use for my barbecue grill?

The barbecue grill (Verysmart or Verygrill) is a product that can be used with most conventional barbecue fuels. Namely: classic charcoal, charcoal pellets in the form of slices, flavoured coals, vines, but also firewood.

The recommended fuel, however, remains to be the conventional charcoal.

Is the cooking lid compatible or the Verysmart barbecue or grill / plancha?  


The Verygrill barbecue or Verysmart barbecue / plancha is compatible with the cooking lid.

The cooking lid can be closed after use. However, the lid should be left open during barbecuing so that the flames do not reach the underside of the lid. The lid can thus act as a protection but also to keep food warm after cooking.