Covers and cleaning products

Verycook offers a vast range of accessories to protect and clean easily your plancha grill such as a protection cover or a special cleaning product for the cooking surface.

  • £55.00

    This cover will effectively protect your Verycook plancha gas grill and trolley from the cold and harsh weather. With waterproof, aesthetic and practical fabric, it’s the perfect protection for your plancha.

  • £29.00

    To protect your plancha grill entirely from the weather, nothing is better than this attractive and practical Verycook plancha cover. Its black waterproof fabric ensures good protection of your plancha grill.

  • £45.00

    The cover fits perfectly for the plancha grill with the cooking lid or with the pizza oven Verypizz'.

  • £19.00

    This set of 3 magnetic tea towels clings on your plancha gas grill in a jiffy. Verycook offers an original and colourful tea towel that will perfectly match the colours of your grill. 100% cotton towels.

  • £19.00

    This superpowerful cleaner for food-contact surfaces will allow you to keep your cooking surface in good condition day after day, and  will help it maintain its initial quality.

  • £25.00

    This LED lamp is magnetic, wireless and designed for outdoor use. It will enlighten your outdoor kitchen and garden parties!

  • £35.00

    Waterproof cover for 3 burners plancha grill Simplicity. Practical and attractive at the same time, it's the best accessory to keep your plancha outside all year round.