The world tour (North America): Verysmart 50/50

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The world tour (North America): Verysmart 50/50

Around the world: North America

To satisfy this desire to travel from our Verypizz' and our plancha, we travel on new adventures. His first destination was North America, more specifically the United States.

Our travelers who are very knowledgeable about the great potential of this country, known as the land of opportunity, began wondering where to start this adventurous journey ...

Both arrived on the east coast, the chosen route for travel went through all the key points of American barbecue. For months they visited states such as North Carolina, Tennessee, Kansas, Texas, Alabama and California. In each state they met new people, they made some friends and shared dinners with culinary secrets, new dishes and recipes. In one single trip!

A stranger

After several months of travelling around the United States, they randomly found a stranger. This stranger attracted attention both for his acting at the stove, its unique design and great combination of recipes. The plate itself was familiar when grilling meats and vegetables at the same time, and together they began to cook the most crazy and unimaginable recipes.

The Verypizz 'and plancha became restless and anxious and asked for his name. The stranger responded enthusiastically: 50/50 Verysmart! And without hesitation, our two friends offered to accompany this stranger that in the remainder of the trip. How can anyone refuse such an offer? With great joy, the three departed bound for the East.

Verysmart 50/50

The Verysmart is unique and fits perfectly onto the Verycook plancha. This amalgam of friends allows you to cook a la plancha on one side and the other half you can cook with charcoal, as in a traditional barbecue. This type of cooking is ideally suited to recipes where the meat requires a more traditional flavor, while vegetables can be cooked on the grill. The powerful burners ignite coal in record time. Using the two front buttons, you can adjust the two different temperatures to facilitate cooking. The new family member is available in 10 colors, like traditional planchas, and will be available in the Verycook online store from mid-May.

Read about the adventures of our intrepid travelers in East next week...