Papillotes: A new way of cooking

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Papillotes: A new way of cooking


Beyond its nutritional benefits, the papillote brings out all the flavour of your foods that are steamed, without coming into direct contact with your plancha. Your vegetables, meat and fish come out softer. This technique also helps to cook healthier because it does not involve adding additional fat.


In terms of the method of packaging, there are 2 schools of thought: aluminium foil and baking paper have both advantages and disadvantages.

Aluminium Foil

Advantages: fast cooking, can be used both on the griddle and on the grill, solid and very light as well.

Disadvantages: According to some studies, this method could be toxic with certain foods that are too acidic.

Baking paper

Advantages: Waterproof, resistant to high temperatures, allows original presentation.

Disadvantages: Cannot be used for barbecuing, difficult to handle.


For even more original twists, you can opt to plant containers: blanched cabbage leaves, vine leaves, banana leaves or a fig tree, give free rein to your imagination! You can also choose pastry sheets or filo pasty to give a crispy side to your dish.

You can also cook your foods in your papillote with the Verycook cooking lid to bring out all the flavours.


To make the tastiest vegetables possible, we advise you to chop them into small pieces so that all their flavours emerge. This will enable you to cook more evenly and quicker too.

Also be careful not to overload your papillotes, they might not be airtight and so do not cook evenly. Also, do not overtighten to allow good air circulation.

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