Food to help you get a better tan!

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Food to help you get a better tan!

Eat carrots, cooked or raw! For a good tan that will last, nothing is better than eating carotenoids that favour the creation of melanin (the pigment which defines our skin colour). Whether you eat it in a soup, as juice, raw…carrots are the best!

Green vegetables also help you to tan! And yes, spinach and broccoli for example, are very rich in melanin. It’s a matter of taste…and of colour!

For more fun, you should know that melons, tomatoes, peaches, strawberries, apricots and kiwis are also effective. Foodies will also be delighted that eating dark chocolate is also advised. But be careful, don’t have too much of it!

On the other hand, some foods such as fennel or celery can promote sunburn when they are consumed in large quantities. It would be a shame to put everything to waste…

Remember that hydration is the main priority: water or tea, whatever you fancy, the most important thing is to drink a lot!