BBQ Accessories

Our kitchen and BBQ accessories made of stainless steel are a must for every Plancha enthusiast. All our accessories are designed to simplify the cooking with your Plancha grill. Therefore, Verycook offers, a vast range of BBQ accessories for every BBQ fan.

  • Reduced price!
    £45.00 £72.00

    Discover the special pack consisting of 3 stainless steel spatulas to cook.

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    £89.00 £122.00

    Discover the special pack consisting of the latest 4 stainless steel spatulas to cook and 1 kit of 4 skewers

  • £23.00

    This kitchen spatula, with rounded ends, allows you to cook your food without damaging them. Used as a fish spatula, it is also convenient for tossing and turning pancakes and pies.

  • £289.00

    The Verytable kitchen trolley makes it even easier and more ergonomic to use your Verycook plancha grill. (Plancha grill sold separately.)

  • £27.00

    This Verycook stainless steel spatula allows you to cook with ease. To flip large pieces of meat, fried eggs, omelettes on your plancha; there’s nothing better than a classic stainless steel spatula.

  • £23.00

    This Verycook plancha spatula is very convenient to cook fruit and vegetables. Using the edges of the spatula, it's also easier to pick up seafood from the plancha.

  • £23.00

    These stainless steel tweezers will enable you to hold and turn all your food easily like a Chef !

  • £27.00

    Set of 4 skewers which have a cube to slide food onto them easily. The Verycook stainless steel skewers allow you to check the cooking of your meat, vegetables or fish thanks to the numbers engraved on the push-cube. The peak skewer handle will allow a good grip of this essential utensil when cooking a la plancha.

  • £18.00

    Verycook pizza cutter is easier to handle than a pizza knife. You will cut your pizzas, pies and pastries with precision and ease. Its original design makes this stainless steel pizza cutter an indispensable accessory for the best chefs of the Verypizz’.

  • £25.00

    This LED lamp is magnetic, wireless and designed for outdoor use. It will enlighten your outdoor kitchen and garden parties!