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The Verycook plancha grill enhances any kind of food: red meat is seared so that the inside remains perfectly pink while white meat stays juicy and tasty. Fish turns golden without burning, vegetables and shellfish cook in their own juices and fruit caramelize. What a treat!

Verycook expands the cooking possibilities of your plancha thanks to the innovative Plug & Cook accessories: the pizza oven with its ceramic stone making crispy tasty pizzas, the professional round-bottom Verywok which enables you to rediscover the delights of Asiatic cookery and the Verysmart 50:50 which allows you to enjoy both cooking 'a la plancha' and barbecuing with a traditional charcoal taste. Anything is possible with your plancha!

The Verycook plancha grills enable to cook perfectly thanks to a powerful heating core that distributes the heat perfectly across the cooking surface and makes it easy to control the temperature: with its two independent cooking zones, the Verycook plancha grill allows you to cook at a low to a very high heat. Everything's ready for a successful plancha party!

Being a Verycooker means first and foremost enjoying a friendly style of cooking where the pleasure of sharing a good meal with family and friends comes first. Discover the advices, tips and recipes of our community!